Version 6 Drivers:

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If your interface looks like this (purchased starting from 2011):
No drivers are needed if you can use Windows update (and your PC is online).
Otherwise download the VCP Driver Kit here.
If your interface looks like this - purchased 2010 and before:
  • Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 2003 drivers:download
  • Windows 7 drivers: download
  1. Make sure your interface is NOT connected
  2. Start USB_2_IBUS_Installer.exe from the .zip file.
  3. Now connect your V6 interface.

If you use Windows 7 64bit follow this.

Version 5 - FTDI driver installation for Windows XP.

V5 Interfaces look like this:
If your interface DOES not look like this, ignore the rest of this page!!!

Make sure the interface is not connected!!

First go and load the drivers for the interface from the FTDI Website here:
You need the drivers for
Windows XP
Windows Server 2003
Windows 2000
or simply click here to download the Zip file with the latest drivers.

Unpack the Zip archive into a folder you can remember.
I suggest c:\FTDIDrivers which I used in the documentation below
2 Now plug in the Interface.
You should see this:
3 The "Found New Hardware Wizard" will appear
Make sure you select the options you see here.
4 Step two of the Wizard
5 Step 3 of the Wizard.
Enter the path where you unpacked the driver files in Step1
6 Well done
7 But that's not all.
A new hardware will be found and the
"Found New Hardware Wizard" starts again.
Repeat steps 3-6 with the exactly the same options.
8 When you see this, you are all set.

To change the Port Number click here.