How to patch the Poduct ID to use
signed Silabs drivers in Windows 7/64Bit.

This procedure is for Windows 7 64bit only !!!
1 Download my latest Windows 7 drivers here: Windows 7 drivers
Extract the contents of the Zip file to a directory you can remember.
In this tutorial I used "C:\Temp\IBUS_Driver"

Download and install the
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)

2 Make sure the interface is not inserted!!!

To make the downloaded drivers work in Windows 7 64bit, you have to boot Windows in "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement" Mode:

While booting Windows hit the "F8" key until you see the menu below.
Select "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement" and hit "Enter".
Boot Windows in Disable Driver Signature Mode
3 When Windows is booted up OK, insert the interface.
Found New Hardware
4 Cancel the installation of the drivers, igore all warnings and notifications, but keep the device plugged in.

Now start "Device Manager" by entering devmgmt.msc in the "search programs and files" field in the start menu:
Start Device Manager
5 In Device Manager you will find the interface in the "Other devices" branch.

Right-Click the device and select "Update Driver Software..."
Select Update Driver
6 Now select "Browse my Computer for driver software":
Browse to driver location
7 Select the directory where you downloaded my drivers:
Sewlect location
8 You will see a waring that Microsoft does not know me, because I can't pay several thousand US$ for registration.
Select "Install this driver software anyway"
Ignore warning
9 You should see that the drivers are installed OK now:
10 But the paranoia continues....
You will see another warning.
Click "Close" for now...
Signature warning
11 Back in Device Manager you will see another warning that you have to "Close"...
Signature warning 2
12 Now everything looks quite OK, but this state would only last as long as we are in "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement" mode, e.g. until the next boot.

We will take care of that in the next steps.
14 Now it's time to patch my Product ID to the original Silabs Product ID.

Download my Patch Program here: Patch Program

Extract the contents of the Zip file to a directory you can remember.
In this tutorial I used "C:\Temp\IBUS_PatchPid"

Start "PatchPID.exe".
Patch Program
15 You should see something like this.

The most important line is Product ID patched to 'EA60'

When you see this, hit the "Any" key to continue.

If not: note any error message and email me.
Patched OK
16 Now unplug the interface, wait 10 seconds and insert it again:
17 If you are connected to the Internet, Windows Update will install the Silabs drivers automatically now.
Silabs drivers
18 After that, you should see my Interface as "Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge" in the "Ports (COM&LPT)" branch.
Device Manager is OK now
19 Finished !

You can remove all downloaded files and reboot your PC in normal mode now.