Resler Module Configurator App

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Module Konfigurator enables you to configure all functions of the Module comfortable with your PC on your desktop, before you plug the module into your car.
  • Read & Write complete Module Configuration
  • Module Firmware flashing from a file (Available Firmware Updates will be downloaded from the internet as well)
  • Read & Write Module Configuration from/to a file on your PC
  • Read & Write CH/LH Light-sequences from/to a file
    (Also in I-BUS App format to use with the Radio in your car)
  • Read & Write Car-Config specific for your Car
  • Configure CH/LH Start and Stop triggers
  • Configure Aux Heater / Vent
  • Configure Mirrors fold-/unfold
  • Configure Aux Heater / Vent / Relais
  • Configure Comfort-blinking / Cornering light / DDaytime running lights / Highway lights
  • Create and edit CH/LH Lightsequences
Especially editing CH/LH Lightsequences is usually more comfortable with tis App on your PC than in your car.

Modul Konfigurator

Download Resler Modul Konfigurator Setup

If your PC does not recognize the interface when you plug it in, you can download the drivers here:

Download Drivers (zip)          Download Drivers Setup

If you are a native speaker of any language other than german or english - and are familiar with all technical terms used in App - and want to help me translating the App to your language:
Please contact me!